Volatility Of Raw Materials And “3 Things At The Factory” Plan For Seafood Exporters

Bởi Meksea Team - July 19, 2021

Volatility Of Raw Materials

MEKSEA.COM – In the past few weeks, when the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta provinces gradually became tense, the price of raw shrimp in key provinces such as Ca Mau began to fluctuate strongly. According to data from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the price of Vannamei shrimp decreased from 5,000-10,000 VND/kg (about 22-44 cent/kg) for each other size. While the price of Black Tiger shrimp increased by 5,000 VND/kg (about 22 cent/kg) in most sizes.

Volatility Of Raw Materials


At the meeting on the afternoon of July 13, chaired by Vice Chairman of Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee Le Van Su, together with relevant departments, branches and seafood export enterprises, reviewed and implemented solutions to stabilize production. export and stabilize the price of raw shrimp. At the same time, it will guide seafood exporters to quickly develop a “3 things at the factory” (Produce, Eat, Rest) plan to stabilize production when the disease becomes more complicated.

According to Chau Cong Bang, Deputy Director of Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Covid-19 epidemic has not had much impact on the activities of seafood processing and export enterprises in the area. Current output market factors are growing. The reason why shrimp prices fluctuate is largely due to the panic of farmers.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Le Van Su asked the Department of Industry and Trade to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and related sectors to continue to learn and compare the purchasing prices of enterprises at the factory with the purchasing prices of agents at the pond in order to avoid traders taking advantage of the epidemic situation or difficulties of enterprises to make profit; Timely inform businesses and people about market demand, product consumption and prices so that people can be proactive in production. On the other hand, businesses need to propagate and recommend that people should reassure their minds, should not harvest shrimp early when the size has not been reached, to avoid price pressure.


“3 things at the factory”: Produce, Eat, Rest


“3 Things At The Factory”

For the organization of production according to the “3 things at the factory” plan, including: On-site production, on-site dining, and on-site rest. Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Le Van Su suggested that each business review the epidemic prevention and control conditions, especially the cafeteria and dormitory areas to ensure disease safety. The development of the motto “3 things at the factory” needs to be done soon to raise vigilance against the epidemic


Enterprises need to develop a “3 things at the factory” plan with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and functional departments. In the immediate future, the province will support and test this option with Ca Mau Seafood Joint Stock Company (Seaprimexco). In addition, the option of taking advantage of the school facilities near the factory during the summer break can be considered as a place to eat and sleep for workers to maintain the production chain in the context of more complicated epidemic conditions. Along with that is promoting propaganda for workers to stabilize their psychology, keeping workers safe to work.

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