Tra and Basa fish – Pangasius Hypophthalmus is native species which have been bred in cages along the Mekong River in Vietnam for a long time. This species has the advantage of white meat, firm texture, sweet and delicious flavor. In recent years, Tra and basa fish are fed with an industrial scale in large ponds and applied farming processes, care according to international standards and strict adherence to HACCP regulations. Therefore, the value of output and exports in Vietnam for Tra and Basa fish is growing. Cultivating and exporting these kinds of fish have become one of the key economic sectors of Vietnam. Tra and basa products are available in more than 80 export markets in all over the world. They also have become an economical and favorite choice of consumers worldwide and also gradually replaced some white fish species which are dwindling.

Tra and Basa are kinds of sustainable farming fishes which are farmed with large quantity; the source of supply is also stable throughout the year. Meksea connection and its reliable partners aim to provide the product line with high quality, fresh raw material and more delicious flavor. Our products ensure to meet international certifications of sustainability such as Global GAP and ASC.


Nutritional value per 100 gram

Humidity 75 G
Energy 92 KCAL / 385 KJ
Protein 15,55 G
Carbohydrates 0 G
Fat 3,5 G
Cholesterol 80 MG