Vietnam’s seafood situation after open and end-year demand

Bởi Meksea Team - October 5, 2021

MEKSEA.COM – Fortunately, Vietnam is gradually reopening its economy so that you can catch important information promptly, please take a moment to check out Meksea’s update.


Seafood processing factories are in the process of applying to open production, but still have to meet the “3TC” criteria. The number of people from HCMC to the western provinces is too much in the past 2 days. Overloading disease control, so the productivity of factories is not really stable until October 15, 2021.

Currently, businesses are planning to gradually repay orders that have been delayed for a very long time. This shows that Meksea’s warning about urgent orders for year-end from previous months is very useful to partners.


lockdown-06-06Businesses face many difficulties from the Covid-19 epidemic. (photo: Meksea team)


→ Material: Due to the long lockdown distance, the shrimp and pangasius supply chain was almost broken. Risk of serious shortage of raw materials in the last months of the year.

→ Price: Therefore, the product price is considered to be increasing day by day, although the price increase is partly encouraging people to stock up on raw materials, but they are afraid of the recurrence of the disease, businesses will not buy, they cannot sell, so there is almost no stocking of new varieties, making the price of raw materials quite high.

Some businesses said: Currently, customers are urging delivery requests, businesses are owed a lot of orders, so Vietnamese businesses are looking forward to how to deliver all backlogged orders is good” but do not need to sign a new one this time.


Vietnam's seafood situation after open and end-year demandMeksea is busy preparing orders for the end of the year. (photo: Meksea team)


If you need the goods at the end of this year, please do not place your order later than October 15, because too many old orders cannot be loaded and the situation of freight increases rapidly, the more hesitant you have to lose big money. This situation will last until the beginning of next year. When large-size ingredients are ordered out, you will be left with high prices and slow delivery.


It’s not too late to place long-term order for this year’s peak. If you are in demand, please consider and submit your inquiries now

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By Emily (BusinessTeam)



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