A Glance at VietFish 2019

Bởi Meksea Team - November 22, 2019

From the entrance,

Welcome to Meksea’s booth…


Yum… yum… yum…

Let’s try Meksea’s sample


Meksea’s Masterchef


Here are more more delicious VAT samples….

Oops, for Sample only


And now, welcome to Meksea’s heart…

Let’s say hello to our seafood friends, still raw, fresh and…. oops.. naked:


Introducing Meksea’s 4 major lines of products:

Shrimp Lover, Tropical Delight, Fruit of the Sea, Ocean Crush


At the corner here,

inside the freezer, our friends are in clothes, we mean, in packages.

Can you find yours? Why not share us your ideas?


Visitors at Meksea’s booth:

See you again at VietFish 2020!



By Sharon / Ming (Meksea Team).

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