What is Winter Offers 2021 for Frozen Seafood from Vietnam?

Bởi Meksea Team - December 30, 2021

MEKSEA.COM – You are looking for frozen seafood from Vietnam for your sales plan 2022? You are in difficulties in seafood supply and fluctuations in international freight rates due to the Covid situation? You are concerned about quality control but you cannot go to Vietnam? Meksea will provide proactive solutions to sourcing frozen seafood for you. Don’t skip our promotion at the end of the post through the Winter Offers 2021 program.


Why should you proactively source goods during this time for the business plan of 2022?

We have spent 2 years living with SAR-COVI-2 and its events. This makes many businesses broken, supply chains of many industries facing the risk of disruption, especially for our seafood industry. Seafood enterprises in Vietnam had to shut down temporarily, some implemented “3 things at the factory” (Produce, Eat, Rest) to maintain production. But after a short time, most of them had to shut down due to high expenses. Besides that, not only Vietnam, some large frozen seafood exporters like India, Ecuador, Thailand have many difficulties. Shortage of raw materials pushes seafood prices to increase sharply. That affects seafood exports seriously.


Winter Offers for seafood B2B from Vietnam

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In Vietnam, despite proactive disease prevention, from mid-2021, epidemics broke out in Southern provinces along with regulations on social distancing, making the production activities of many seafood enterprises are interrupted. It does not resume production until the of the year.

Moreover, social distancing also affects the stocking of breeds. That makes lack of raw seafood take place seriously in some localities. In addition, the price of aquafeed also increased in the last months of the year, making the cost of raw materials also increase significantly. Therefore, the risk of a shortage of goods in price fluctuations in 2022 is inevitable.


Shipping rates could be a matter of concern

According to analysts, freight rate fluctuations in the year 2021 is still prolonged. It is predicted to last at least until the end of 2022. This is also a concern of frozen seafood traders.

In this context, your orders may have trouble in empty containers and drastic price fluctuations if you have not taken the initiative and planned for these bookings from now.

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The new Omicron coronavirus variant threaten frozen seafood production recovery

Currently, the emergence of the Omicron variant can be a major threat to frozen seafood exporters. Moreover, the Omicron can affect international seafood expo and trading opportunities that are expected to reopen in 2022 after a 2-year delay.

In addition, the tightening of travel in some Omicron countries shows how dangerous this variant is. Although not widely appearance, this is also a concern for seafood factories because their production has been interrupted by a similar variant (Delta variant). According to usatoday.com, Omicron may multiply 70 times faster than Delta


What solutions will Meksea bring to your sales plan for 2022?

As the leading seafood distributor in Vietnam, Meksea is proactively sourcing many key products you may be interested in such as pangasius, squid, octopus, tuna, shrimp, freshwater seafood, sea bass, and sea bass, lobster, dried fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, etc.

As soon as the epidemic broke out in Vietnam and the supply was warned of disruption. Meksea actively coordinated with the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to resolve problems and prepare an abundant supply for us.

What is Winter Offers 2021 for Frozen Seafood from Vietnam

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Besides, quality control is always the foundation for our growth. That has been verified by Meksea’s customer satisfaction in over 80 countries around the world.

During the epidemic and social distancing, we still have a permanent QC team at key factories and conduct via live video from the factory with strict procedures.

Moreover, Customer Service is our pride. This will make you satisfied with your upcoming orders. Besides, we always offer attractive offers (don’t skip them at the end of the post).


Winter Offers 2021: frozen seafood solution for your sales plan 2022 from Meksea

Meksea - Winter OffersContact us today to take advantage of the Winter Offers promotion

Free 2 seafood product sample packets which your market is in demand for each order from 2 cont.

Free (L/C fee) 30 days deferred payment L/C for Asian orders and 45 days for EU and US orders.

Especially discount up to 1-2-3-4-5 cent for 2nd – 3rd – 4th -5th – 6th container for all orders.

*The promotion is valid from Dec 15th to Jan 15th, 2022.

Winter Offers is Meksea largest promotion in the last quarter of 2021 for all valued customers. If you are looking for frozen seafood to distribute in your market in 2022, it’s the right time to contact Meksea for the promotion. Moreover, Meksea Sales team is always willing to support you with the best seafood offers and booking solutions.

Why do you choose Meksea?

Customer feedback about Meksea service on our 11th anniversary


Some seafood products from Meksea

Pangasius (Pangasius white well-trimmedPangasius fillet un-trimmed, etc)

Tuna (Tuna chunk skinless, boneless, bloodline offTuna chunk skin on, bone-in, bloodline off; etc) 

Shrimp (HOSO Black Tiger ShrimpHLSO Black Tiger ShrimpHLSO Vannamei ShrimpHOSO Vannamei Shrimp, etc)

Cephalopods (Baby Octopus, Cuttlefish roll, Pine Cone Cuttlefish, Whole Cleaned Squid, Baby Cuttlefish, etc)  

Marine fish (Horse Mackerel, Pomfret, Grouper, Eye Big Scad, Bonito, Barramundi, Snapper, etc)

see more»  


Email: sales@mekseconnection.com

WhatsApp: +84 903 872 469


By Hayati (Meksea Team)


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