Vietnam’s tuna exports to Peruvian market spike

Bởi Meksea Team - March 11, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – After impacts from the covid19 pandemic, Vietnam’s tuna exports to Peru spiked sharply in January 2022, increasing by 2.290% year on year.


Peru is the traditional tuna export market of Vietnam. However, exports to this market are not stable. According to statistics of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam’s tuna exports to Peru in 2020 increased by 75% compared to 2019, reaching more than 5.2 million USD. After that, exports to this market have nearly halved in 2021, reaching $2.7 million. Covid-19 pandemic pushed Peru’s export demand in 2020 and this is one of the main reasons for tuna inventories, which has an impact on Peru’s tuna imports in 2021.


Vietnam's tuna exports to Peruvian market spike


However, after a dismal period, Vietnam’s tuna exports to Peru increased again in January 2022, with a turnover similar to the same period in 2020, equivalent to 994 thousand USD. Earlier this year, Vietnam mainly exported canned tuna to this market.

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It is worth mentioning that Peru is one of the 20 largest tuna import markets in the world. The average value of tuna imports of this country in the past 5 years reached about 116 million USD. In which, the import value of canned tuna into this country accounts for more than 83%.

Specialty, Vietnam’s tuna exports to the Peruvian market are currently tax-free, so this is a major opportunity to promote tuna exports to this market.


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(Reference: VASEP)


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