The situation of Seafood in Vietnam – from February 21 to 28, 2017

Bởi Meksea Team - February 28, 2017

1. Pangasius

Prices are forecasted to keep increasing in the coming time. Most of the Vietnamese pangasius suppliers have to follow the market move and increase their prices from now to at least June 2017.

Is Pangasius safe to eat?

Recently, consumers have been confused because of a footage broadcasted by a Spanish TV named Cuatro TV, which criticised the quality of Vietnamese Pangasius. Vietnamese tra fish have faced foreign media accusation of bad quality and substandard breeding methods continuously since 2011.

However, Simon Bush, professor of environmental policy at Wageningen University, Netherlands said their analysis showed that the vigorous claims made about pangasius did not match the very limited safety risk and limited environmental impact observed in scientific studies. Pangasius has been sold widely in many European countries and could be the victim of rival fish producers.

“What Cuatro TV intends to broadcast is absolutely not our pangasius industry, which has been providing safe, sustainable and delicious fish products to more than 130 countries worldwide,” concluded VASEP  [the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers] secretary general Truong Dinh Hoe.

Please read more at these official websites:

Pangasius has been worldwide recognized for years as a safe fish to eat!


2. Shrimp

– Available sizes:

Black tiger shrimp: 8/12 until 31/40. Material is more for sizes 16/20; 21/25; 26/30. Majority quantity is for intensive black tiger shrimp.

Vannamei shrimp: 51/60 until 90/120. Material is more for sizes 70, 90, 120.

– Prices:

Black tiger shrimp price is stable as last month, but it is still high due to rare material.

Vannamei shrimp price is stable. However, prices for big sizes are going up continually.

– Forecast:

Price will be stable in the next some weeks, not increasing anymore but still not fall down until season comes. Customers in all markets are waiting until April to achieve better prices as previous years. However, if demand is high in season, price could not decrease.

– Season:

Black tiger: Year round for extensive black tiger shrimp and from July to November for intensive.

Vannamei: from April to November

We are offering good price for PD, PUD, PDTO shrimp!


3. Tuna

Yellow fin tuna is available all year round in Vietnam.

Prices remain stable.  For frozen tuna full loin with or without CO treatment, size: 5-8 lbs/ piece, 100% net weight, its FOB Ho Chi Minh City price fluctuates between 9.25 to 9.75 USD/ kg depending on the grade and material of each producer.

Fresh tuna are still not ready for offers, as tuna fishing boats have not come back to land yet.

Competitive prices for tuna loins and steaks!

4. Other pelagic fishes

Season: Pelagic fish’s season is coming. Quantity will be abundant by the beginning of March. Mahi mahi is a bit expensive, due to strong demands from several markets, especially US and European countries.

Prices: Even though with the season coming, prices are believed not to be going down as the catch of wild caught fish is getting less and less.

Recommended pelagic fish products:

Barramundi (both farmed and wild caught)

Parrotfish WGGS and fillets!

Mahi mahi (fillets)

Indian mackerel, Yellowstripe scad (with current prices 0.05 to 0.10 USD/ kg lower than January’s prices)


5. Cephalopod

The material situation of octopus, squid, and cuttlefish will soon be improved by the end of February as fishing boats are coming back.

Prices might stop their going – up trend, but still remain high because of pending orders.

Cuttlefish and squid of big sizes are available.

Recommended products:

Baby octopus, flower shape, 1 skin: Prices in Feb are up by 5% compared to January

Cut poulp squid: Prices remain the same as it was last month; however, they are picking up lightly because of strong demand from Korean market.

Cuttlefish of big sizes U/2, U/4, U/5, U/10: material is available

Loligo squid: material is available but its price is still expensive


6. Clam

 Yellow clam meat (Paphia Undulata): Compared to last year, material this year is less with higher prices and smaller sizes. Currently, material is more stable than it was last month. However, prices, at present, are still high due to strong demands from European markets. Available sizes are 800/1200 (small amount); 1000/1500 and 1500/2000 (pieces/ kg).

 White clams (Meretrix Lyrata): Material and prices are both stable in the North of Vietnam. Prices have been almost the same for a year here.  In the South, material for big size (40/60 pieces per kilo) is limited.

Yellow clams are allowed to exploit in Vietnam from Jan to May annually. Our recommendation is to buy yellow clam meat as soon as you can since it is now February. As it gets closer to the middle of the year, material gets less and prices, therefore, are more expensive.


7. Other seafood items

We are having good prices for:

 Frog legs

 Baby shrimp

 Scampi (fresh water shrimp)

 Black tilapia

 Red tilapia




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