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Bởi Meksea Team - May 5, 2021

Meksea would like to share with you some significant material in Vietnam in may 2021:

1) Overall the seafood production & export in Vietnam.

At the end of the first four months in 2021, Vietnam’s seafood industry still has significant increasing in both value of export & quantity of production. Compared to the same period in 2020, at the first four months of 2021, value of export increased by 6.1%. Fishery production also increased by 2.1%, compared to 2021. (Source: Vasep)
In conclusion, we can see, seafood products of Vietnam not only compete well in quality but also in quantity & price.
In May of 2021, the picture of Vietnam’s seafood export is supposed to better when the FTA between Vietnam and the UK (UKVFTA) is effective from 1st May, 2021. Besides that, Vietnam is still take advantage from EVFTA to achieve the value of export above USD 1 billion in this first quarter of 2021. (Source: Vasep)


2) Situation of raw material in Vietnam.

a) Pangasius: The supply of pangasius is still stable, so the price can keep at around 22.000 VND – 23.000 VND/Kg at fish farms.

b) Shrimp: In the first quarter of 2021, the value of exporting is increasing by 5%. This trend is leading by the recover from some of main markets of Vietnam, like, US, EU, Australia, Russia. In addition, Vannamei shrimp dominance the value of export because the support from retailers for home cooking. The price for Vannamei decrease slightly in this week, while Black Tiger at big sizes are still high because the lack of supply. Especially, the season of Shrimp is coming=> the price & quality is the best from May to August.

c) Shellfish & Cephalopod: The resource is still limited due to weather change and salty marsh in Vietnam, so large clam’s size is out of stock. Currently, clam size is mainly at 60-80 pcs/kg. The Cephalopod is still limited because the season of them will start from August to October.

Hope this news is helpful for your purchasing plan.


Do you plan to buy any seafood from Vietnam in coming time? Please leave us your comments and opinions on the news. Thank you.

By Harry (Meksea Team).



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