Your Fastest Track of Market Prices & News – Meksea Newsweek 12/05/2021

Bởi Meksea Team - May 12, 2021

Dear Valuable Customers,

Hopefully, both you and your company are still doing well in a nice week.

First and foremost, a pressing and essential new is that the 4th Covid-19 wave is complicatedly occurring in Vietnam. This makes the fundamental isolation promulgated in a wide range of areas.

However, it is fortunate that the provinces in the Southern of Vietnam are still safe & sound under a strict control of the medical department. To be more secure,  a useful advice is that you should review your stock and plan in order to create the back-up plan or make the appropriate purchasing decision.

Today, MEKSEA would like to update some significant materials in Vietnam:

1. Shrimp:

  • Black Tiger (BT): the prices of BT raw material are generally continually increasing as the lack of sources.
  • Vannamei (VAN): the prices of VAN raw material are continuously decreasing compared to its last week mainly because the harvest has already come. As normal, the most competitive prices of raw material are in July.

However, please note that the serious Covid-19 crisis in India leads that only from 20 to 30% Indian farmers are farming to harvest in June and July. This can more and less make the prices of shrimp raw material in Vietnam increase suddenly.

2. Pangasius: the prices remain unchanged, at approximately 91 – 1 USD/kg.

3. Tunna Canned:

  • Based on VASEP report, the predicted amount of tuna canned exported to EU market in next quarter will not go up.
  • Therefore, the prices of tuna raw material perhaps remain stable.

4. Shellfish & Cephalopod:

  • The resource is still limited due to weather change and salty marsh in Vietnam, so large clam’s size is out of stock.
  • Currently, clam size is mainly at 60-90 pcs/kg.
  • The sources of octopus and cuttlefish are still limited mainly because the season of them will usually start from September to April.
  • Regarding to squids, although they are in harvest season from March to July, the sources of raw material are unstable and limited at the moment

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