What is the Latin name of Barramundi?

Bởi Meksea Team - December 24, 2021

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According to The Better Fish, Barramundi has a subtle, gentle, and mild flavor that makes it a perfect gateway fish for those who may not already be seafood fans. It has a rich, buttery, soft, and slightly sweet flavor, according to Fish Choice. The smell is also on the mild side. While some people don’t care for fish due to the strong odor it gives off, this is less of a problem with barramundi as it’s not so fishy-smelling as, say, salmon or tuna.



English name:

Latin name:

Scientific name:

Vietnamese name:

Common name:



Lates Calcarifer

Lates calcarifer Bloch

Cá chẽm

Cá vược, Seabass,Giant seaperch


When do we use the Latin name of seafood?

Latin name of seafood is a descriptive term used to describe a specific type of seafood and its characteristics. Using Latin seafood names helps to avert confusion caused by the often contradictory and multiple common names an individual may have.

Some documents use Latin seafood names in commerce: Bill Of Lading, Sales Contract, Certificate Of Origin, Invoice, Packing List, Health Certificate, Catch Certificate, Analytics Results, and so on.

Moreover, the Latin name is shown on product packaging of export orders to ensure the accuracy of the name of the products.



Some pictures of Barramundi Vietnam exports

What is the Latin name of Barramundi (2) What is the Latin name of Barramundi (2) What is the Latin name of Barramundi (2) What is the Latin name of Barramundi (2)

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Some sizes of Barramundi can be: 300/500 500/800 800/up

Glazing: IQF

Packing: Bulk, Plain bag


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