What is Meksea’s booth at Vietfish 2022 that makes them so great?

Bởi Meksea Team - August 31, 2022

Hello to all seafood lovers.

This year Vietfish 2022 marked a refreshing comeback of the fair

after 2 years delaying.


Meksea-Vietfish-2022-Platinum 1 (2)


And here we are, welcome to Meksea booth.

(#Platinum 1, Vietfish2022).



As a One Stop Seafood Source, focusing on simplicity and diversification, Meksea bring you the most efficient purchase plans for seafood from Vietnam, help achieving highest value business in terms of prices, quality and satisfactory service.

During 3 days of the show (24-26 August 2022) we welcomed over 1500 visitors at #booth Platinum 1.



Meksea’s 4 major lines of products: Shrimp Lover, Fruit of the Sea, Ocean Crush, Tropical Delight continued receiving attention from importers, seafood fans and seafood broadcasters from local and worldwide.




Now comes the star of the show: A boat full of fresh seafood cover all ranges: shrimp, cephalopods, tuna & pelagic fish, fresh water fishes, shrimp and other exotics. This year our boat’s added 2 new members amongst the best-selling products: Vietnam’s frozen lobster and dried fish maw.


Have you found your products?

Please feel free to let us know if you need

any further information or support.


Vietfish 2022 Meksea-seafood-products-3-1.jpg Meksea-seafood-products-3-1.jpg


And here are our super models. Visitors could refer their interested products that fully packed. We introduced customers some of most economical and common packing styles. Besides, Meksea is excited to discuss and support any new form packing designs. If you have any requests or in need of suggestions, don’t hesitate give us a buzz, the team is always prepared to discuss.



Another hot spot of Meksea’s stand, Vietfish 2022 was VAT (Valued Added Products) display. Eye-catching look, fast cooking but the recipes can also be customized, tasty and nutritious ingredients are what these products about. Have you any of these on your product lists? We love to hear from you.



Last but not least (if not the most exciting activity… yay yay…) 

it’s the cooking show



Our home-made Chef offered guests with different menus

each time and each day of the show.



Professional, Conscientious, and Sharing is the message that Meksea wants to show at Vietfish 2022, it is our motto and working spirit of Meksea-ers. We – every member of Meksea are working hard every day, and we are always confident to confirm to bring our worldwide customers satisfaction in the best products and services.



Some Meksea’s memorable moments at Vietfish 2022



Hope you enjoy the journey Vietfish 2022 with us.

Thank you so much for your time.

And looking forward to seeing you in Vietfish 2023.




By Sharon Nguyen (Meksea Business Team)

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