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Bởi Meksea Team - November 7, 2023

MEKSEA.COM – Are you busy thinking about the upcoming Christmas orders and New Year 2023 sales plans? Are you looking for prestigious seafood suppliers who have a wide range of seafood products with flexible sales policies and payment terms? Are you having trouble with white fish sources and you want to look for good others to replace? And are you looking for a seafood supplier who can assist you in controlling and handling your orders rigorously? Meksea is the best choice for you.



Having various seafood products, Vietnam is ready to meet your market seafood needs.


According to analysts, in recent years, food consumption demand tends to change. People prefer to eat seafood more than meat because of nutrition and better for their health. Moreover, during the period of economic recovery in many countries, consumer demands for frozen seafood products and ready-to-eat seafood products also more and more increased because of convenience and reasonable prices.


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Besides, when the end-year holidays and New Year 2023 are coming, demand for seafood products significantly increases in specialty premium seafood products. As a result, seafood retailers are busy looking for prestigious supplies to distribute to market needs. However, you have difficulty finding reputable suppliers, good quality products, and optimal sales policies.

Since early 2022, the Vietnam seafood industry has recovered and has strongly grown. We also have been proactive in preparing stockpiles, building more high-capacity processing plants, paying attention to farming plans, and diversifying types of seafood products. At the same time, cooperatives supported farmers to make efficient farming plans to coordinate supply and demand as well as improve productivity and quality.


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In the context of the global white fish source being disrupted, Vietnam’s key point pangasius products have quickly become the priority replacement option. Now, Vietnam’s pangasius is gradually playing an important role and dominating the entire global white fish supply because of its high nutritional value, reasonable price, and abundant supply.



Moreover, according to statistics from VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters), Vietnam is the 4th largest seafood exporter in the world with many popular seafood products and sustainable sources of key point seafood products such as pangasius, shrimp, tuna, clam, squid, and octopus. There are also reasons why Vietnam is one of the top choices of seafood importers around the world.

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Why choose Meksea for your Christmas orders?


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As a leading seafood distributor in Vietnam and a major sponsor of the Vietfish expo annually in Vietnam, Meksea is always highly appreciated by customers worldwide. We can provide a variety of seafood products with abundant sources such as pangasius (untrimmed, well-trimmed), shrimp (vannamei, black tiger), lobster, tuna (Saku, ground meat), marine fish, cephalopods (baby cuttlefish, baby octopus), bivalves (black and white clam), VAT products (nobashi, sushi Ebi), etc. As of now, Meksea’s seafood products are present in more than 80 markets in the world.

Not only does having a passion for creating a professional working environment encourage the creation of our staff, Meksea always concentrates on creating high-quality products and good services to satisfy customers’ needs.

Meksea always works hard to bring customers the most optimal sales policies and seafood sources to support customers if you place orders from Meksea, such as flexible payment methods, combining many seafood product items into 1 container, etc.

Specialty, Meksea can send you prior samples to consider. If you agree, we will produce your orders as per your requirements. And you can store these samples to reference when taking orders.

With the advantage of having a qualified Quality Control Team who have experience and deep knowledge of seafood. We are always at the factory to assist you in controlling your orders in each stage of processing from input material to finished products and delivery to customers to ensure orders with the highest quality, as well as continuously update the latest information about your orders quickly and accurately.



Moreover, now, facing constantly fluctuating freight rates, along with the unreasonable refusal of bookings or reduction in operating capacity of shipping lines, many exporters and importers hesitate to place orders, especially for the next high-demand consumption periods.

Thanks to close and strategic relationships with domestic and foreign shipping and logistics companies, Meksea always observes the market situation to plan your order delivery smoothly, safely, and effectively.

In addition, we are always willing to welcome you to our office and factory in Vietnam to find out about our operation, production, processing, and quality control processes at the company.

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Meksea – the brand name is trusted and chosen by customers worldwide


Established in 2010, the Meksea brand name is trusted choose and appreciated by international customers for professionalism, conscientiousness, and sharing in the cooperation as well as satisfaction with each seafood container. 



Currently, our products are present in many countries in Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East, and in the future, Meksea hopes to have a chance to cooperate with many customers from other countries around the world. Moreover, we usually join and have booths at many annual global seafood expos such as SENA (U.S), SEG (Spain), SEA (Singapore), Thaifex (Thailand), etc.

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With a high commitment to the quality of raw materials, products, quantity, and delivery time, and a quality commitment certificate for each manufactured shipment, Meksea always strives to build confidence for customers who cooperate with us.

Now, Meksea is ready to receive your Christmas orders and New Year orders. If you hesitate, next time Vietnam’s seafood factories will be full., and delivery time from Vietnam to your country may take 1 week – 4 weeks, even more, depending on external factors. So these factors can affect your sales plans.

Please, contact Meksea Sales Team for priority orders and the best deals.


Meksea is ready for your upcoming Christmas orders. Contact Meksea Customer Service Team for priority orders and the best deals.

Some seafood products Meksea can offer you for your Xmas and New Year 2023 sales plans.

→ Pangasius well trimmed

→ Black Tiger Shrimp

→ Vannamei shrimp

→ Lobster

→ Frog Legs

→ Tuna Ground Meat

→ Tuna Saku


Please visit Meksea site to explore our Christmas offers: https://www.mekseaconnection.com/product-category/your-christmas-sales-plans/



By Hayati (Meksea Team)


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