Trends Updated On Price And Raw Materials – Meksea Newsweek 11/06/2021

Bởi Meksea Team - June 11, 2021

1/ What do you benefit from Meksea during Covid 19 period?

At this time when the Covid 19 epidemic is still complicated in many parts of the world, especially Southeast Asian and Asia countries, we understand that your business as well as many other importers cannot go to factories to inspect, monitor and manage your goods, Mekong Seafood (Meksea) is ready here for your business to commission to buy products at the most competitive prices in the market, at any time, as well as acting on your behalf for quality control, transportation and ensuring your goods arrive at the port on time and meet the quality standards required by all markets.


Mekong’s QC team is completely independent and professional – who will control your whole order’s quality and Mekong team will keep you updated on order progress regularly throughout the order production process. An inspection report will be sent to you when the goods are 100% fully produced – where you can see the reality of your goods with pictures, videos, data showing net weight, gross weight, shape, color , quality to packaging and packaging labels or the rate of defects.

2/ Update on price trends and raw materials for main products from Vietnam:
  1. Pangasius: The price has remained stable and remained the same for the last 3 months
  2. Vannamei Shrimp: price is a bit increased comparing to last month, the other sizes keep stable and is expected to decrease in upcoming time
  3. Black Tiger Shrimp: small sizes are limited raw material available. Big sizes is gradually calm down, don’t fluctuate as last month
  4. Baby Cuttlefish: price is already 10 cents higher than last month for raw material at factory
  5. Baby Octopus: Price is stable and from 6.12 – 6.22 USD/kg full size, whole cleaned, bulk packed, 100% NW FOB HCM
  6. Clam: popular size is small size 80-120 pcs/kg, big size is still very rare.

Do you have any purchasing plan that Mekong could support you this time please? Hope to hear your sharing so we could know how to do the best for you.

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By Chloe (Business Team).


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