The US keeps shrimp purchasing power at a high level in 2022

Bởi Meksea Team - April 15, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in the first month of this year, the US imported 78,716 tons of shrimp, worth 744.9 million USD, up 13% in volume and 24% in value over the same period in 2021. The demand for US shrimp imports in 2022 is expected to remain stable at a high level.

The average price of shrimp imported into the US in January 2022 reached 9.46 USD/kg, up 10% compared to January 2021, however, the price decreased by 2% compared to December 2021 and down 3% compared to November 2021. Experts predicted that the world shrimp price may decrease by about 10% in the next few months.


US keeps shrimp purchasing power in 2022


According to NOAA data, Vietnam is one of the four largest shrimp suppliers in the US.
US shrimp imports in the first month of 2022 still have a high growth rate, which is a good sign in the context of rising inflation in the US, and the impact of consumer spending in the US. The demand for US shrimp imports is expected to increase continuously in the following months, especially when this market has reopened after covid-19.

According to statistics from Vietnam Customs, in the first two months of this year, the US continued to be Vietnam’s largest shrimp market, accounting for 21% of the country’s total shrimp export value. Vietnam’s shrimp exports to the US continue to maintain the growth momentum of 2021, in the first 2 months of this year, shrimp exports to the US reached 117.5 million USD.


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