Vietnam: Target to remove the “yellow card” of seafood by 2022

Bởi Meksea Team - July 16, 2021

MEKSEA NEWS – On July 13, the National Steering Committee for Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing had an online meeting with 28 coastal provinces and cities related to the European Commission’s illegal fishing activities. EC) at the end of 2017 issued a “yellow card” warning for Vietnam’s fishing activities.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Binh, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, say the Ministry of Defense has mobilized 30 ships and drones to broaden the scope of monitoring fishing activities.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Binh stated that the institution must continue to strengthen and that law enforcement authorities must work together to handle the environment of objects and organizations involved in illicit fishing in foreign seas

Many local authorities said that fishermen did not record or improperly recorded fishing logs; ship owners, fishermen do not turn on the VMS device or pay the subscription, and therefore the service is cut off… Since then, it has been suggested that Decree 42 on administrative punishments in the fishing industry be amended as quickly as possible.

“Fishing vessels caught unlawfully fishing in foreign waters face fines from from VND 800 million to VND 1 billion. This is a substantial fine, but the issue is that it must be handled with care to ensure deterrent.” – A representative from the province of Quang Ninh stated his thoughts.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh concluded the meeting by emphasizing that the European Commission’s “yellow card” warning for Vietnamese seafood has an impact on both the seafood business and the lives of fishermen, as well as the country’s image. As a result, the Party Central Committee Secretariat, the Government, and the Prime Minister are all keen on gradually removing the “yellow card” and absolutely not risk being “red card”.Ministries, branches, and localities are committed to gradually reducing the number of Vietnamese fishing vessels within the prescribed scope and ending the status in 2022 to remove the European Commission’s “yellow card”

In terms of specific solutions, the Deputy Prime Minister has directed the Ministry of Public Security to focus on directing forces to grasp the situation, quickly detect, investigate, and strictly handle organizations and individuals who broker and connect fishing vessels, allowing Vietnamese fishermen to fish illegally in foreign sea. At the same time, assign ministries, branches, and 28 coastal municipalities to implement the EC’s recommendations in a dramatic and effective manner, with special emphasis to providing financial investment for fishing ports, VMS equipment, and so on.


By Jasmine (Business Team)




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