Seafood industry in the pandemic – How Meksea could help?

Bởi Meksea Team - August 9, 2021

MEKSEA.COM – In the midst of the complicated Covid-19 situation due to the Delta variant, it has significantly affecting all aspects of Vietnam’s seafood export industry. In recent weeks, many factories, an industrial park in Tien Giang province, and a number of fishing ports in the central and western regions have been temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the disease.

Factories that are still in operation can only use 20-50% of their capacity and workforce to comply with social distancing guidelines. The rapid spread of the new variant also made workers afraid to go to the factory to work, leading to a shortage of workers.

Directive 16 – a very strict social distancing order for all 19 provinces in the South of Vietnam by the government also makes it difficult to transport raw materials from farming areas and seaports to factories and ports which disrupts supply chains, farmers and fishing vessels cannot sell goods, but factories have no enough raw materials for production.

To maintain production and export, VASEP proposed that the government immediately deploy vaccines for laborers at seafood factories

To maintain production and export, VASEP proposed that the government immediately deploy vaccines for laborers at seafood factories (photo: Internet).


In that situation, Meksea is actively coordinating with all other parties to create green- transport –channels (favorable) to ensure stable circulation of goods and avoid affecting export orders.

Meksea hopes that with our determination to overcome adversity and the cooperation of valued customers, it will help reduce some of the pressure on farmers and meet stable demand as well as the “peak” purchase. At the end of the year, the estimated sales is 1,000 tons/month.

The products are currently in great supply and good price such as giant freshwater prawns, whole round black tiger shrimp, pangasius, tilapia, tuna, marine fish, crabs, frogs, cuttlefish etc.

Especially with the advantage of mixing containers, Meksea can provide a variety of products in the same shipment for you to fully supply to your customers in the market.

Furthermore, if your suppliers are having trouble meeting your planned delivery time, Meksea can assist you in solving the problem with more than 150 factories we are stragictly cooperating with throughout Vietnam.

Therefore, if you plan to import any seafood from Vietnam for distribution in your market from August to December, now is the right time for contacting Mekong so we can arrange to process for you some shipments that enough for the upcoming months.


In order to find out more intensive information or get the most affordable price, please don’t hesitate to share any requirements with us via

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Thanks for your time and your interest.


By Chloe (Business Team)


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