Seafood “hot” again as high freight and container shortage

Bởi Meksea Team - July 21, 2021

MEKSEA.COM  For November 2020 until now, the situation of shipping lines increasing shipping rates and the shortage of containers for import and export is one of the difficult problems that seafood enterprises are facing. It causes sudden difficulties, congestion and very high costs for Vietnam’s seafood export industry in particular and export industries in general.


First cause: Container rental prices and surcharges are very high

For the end of November 2020, Container rental fees from Vietnam (for both dry and refrigerated containers) have increased dramatically. In some ports, prices have doubled the previous month and are almost six times the early 2020 prices. Here are a few examples to prove to the above points:


Shipping costs for refrigerated containers from time to time:

Shipping costs for dry containers (cont 20ft) from time to time:

In addition, many shipping lines simultaneously requested an increase in surcharges, an increase of 50-450 USD/Container. Meanwhile, the fines imposed by the authorities for not listing shipping rates by sea are very small compared to the amount of money collected by shipping lines and service companies.


Second cause: The shortage of empty containers leads to the consequences of businesses “auctioning” to rent containers.

The shortage of containers for import and export of goods has been leading to bottlenecks for both output (export shipments) and input (imported raw material lots). As a result, enterprises have to pay additional container rental fees and storage fees for congested shipments at the port.

In the current empty container market, whichever company pays the higher freight, the shipping company will issue the empty container. Even businesses have booked container bookings, but because of the increased rental rates, shipping lines are ready to cancel the booking to transfer to other businesses paying higher rates.

The above are the two main reasons for the shortage of containers and the increase in freight charges. Along with the complicated Covid situation, it has caused a lot of difficulties for seafood exporters. Enterprises are also facing serious losses and production stagnation due to high production costs and the inability to export goods.


What Meksea can provide for this tough situation?
For the high cost: A combining container services can help business to save much cost for ocean freight. Meksea can help to stuff many of defferent seafood items into 1 container, you can purchase a diversity of goods with high quality and saving cost.

For the booking: We’ll follow strictly the shipping schedule, will update you with the clear time and push for your booking in priority as our agent best solution.

So what is your next purchase plan? Meksea are eager to hear from you and let us bring you our best value from Vietnam.


By Jasmine/Tracy (Business Team)



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