Seafood Expo Global 2024: Customers worldwide are very excited about Meksea’s comprehensive purchasing solution

Bởi Meksea Team - April 26, 2024

MEKSEA.COM – The Seafood Expo Global 2024 has concluded with many emotions. Once again, Meksea is honored to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona and immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the world’s largest seafood event. Particularly, this year marks the 30th anniversary of this fair, making it the largest edition in history.

What did Meksea bring to Seafood Expo Global 2024?

As usual, Meksea was present at the Vietnamese Pavilion booth number 4B501. This year, Meksea welcomed thousands of customers and friends whom we’ve had the chance to work with throughout this time and who are seeking reliable and high-quality seafood suppliers from Vietnam. Through this seafood event, Meksea also received hundreds of potential inquiries about our high-quality Vietnamese seafood products.

In Barcelona Expo this year, Meksea not only showcased our high-quality seafood products popular in the European market such as pangasius, shrimp, tuna, pelagic fish, freshwater fish, cephalopods, bivalve mollusk, breaded shrimp and so on but also organized cooking show program featuring the international chef preparing dishes from Vietnamese seafood. Therefore, when you visit Meksea at SEG24, you can both directly inspect the quality of Meksea’s products and savor the flavors of seafood from Vietnam.

Especially, in the context of global economic fluctuations and challenges, this year, Meksea’s BOD has released a comprehensive purchasing solution, which includes solutions for payment, transportation methods, delivery, quality control of goods, risk management of orders, as well as sustainable supply solutions for products originating from Vietnam – a top 3 exporting country of aquatic products in the world. Meksea believes that our solutions will facilitate your purchasing plans in 2024 and beyond.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our friends


In the vibrant and bustling atmosphere Barcelona seafood expo this year, which still lingers in the past days, Meksea sincerely expresses our deep gratitude to all of our friends who visited Meksea’s booth as well as thanks to our friends who warmly welcomed us to your booth during these busy days. Meksea received a lot of positive feedback on our product, customer service, hospitality and so on. This is great motivation for us to try more and more in the future as well as affirm our position in the Global Seafood Community.

For Meksea, Seafood Expo Global is not only a place for regular transactions but also a venue for networking, connecting and learning from international friends and leading experts in the seafood industry. It’s an opportunity for directly discussing, addressing difficulty, updating trends, prices and materials. Therefore, it can be said that Seafood Expo Global is a valuable playground for thousands of seafood businesses in the world as well as those interested in the seafood industry.

Welcome and see you soon at Vietfish 25th in Vietnam

As regular, in August, Vietfish Expo – one of the largest seafood expos in ASIA will take place in Vietnam, gathering a large number of seafood businesses, suppliers from the world’s third-largest seafood exporting country.

As the leading seafood distributor in Vietnam and the platinum sponsor of Vietfish, Meksea would like to invite all our customers, partners and friends to spend your precious time coming to our booth Platinum 1 – Vietfish Expo 2024 to explore and update the latest seafood information in Vietnam.


Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition 

Time: 21-23 August 2024

Location: SECC, HCMC, Vietnam

Meksea with our valued friends at SEG 2024:

Contact Meksea right now to arrange the meeting together.

Mr. Hoang Duy – Commercial Director

Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: + 84 903 872 469 


By Hayati (Meksea Team)


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