Pangasius skin: value from seemingly discarded by-products

Bởi Meksea Team - January 13, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – Not only raw materials by-products for animal feed, many years ago, Vietnamese pangasius skin was imported first time by many European and Singaporean customers with high value.


Pangasius skin value from seemingly discarded by-products 02 (1)


Pangasius skin is known as a by-product of the frozen pangasius fillet processing industry, mainly used to produce animal feed. However, this is a nutritious food source, rich in collagen and gelatin, which can be processed into many value-added products, contributing to improving the value of pangasius.

According to the survey, every 35 tons of pangasius fillets is equivalent to 100 tons of input materials. On average, a pangasius processing factory wastes about 5-8 tons of pangasius skin per day.

Exporting pangasius skin snack not only reduces the amount of by-products from seafood processing but also brings economic resources to farmers.


Pangasius skin value from seemingly discarded by-products


In Vietnam, many factories are equipped with modern technology to increase capacity and ensure the supply of skin fish products to international customers with international food hygiene certifications, no residues of pesticides and chemicals.

Besides, Vietnam continuously researches the taste favored of countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, etc to process suitable products.

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Currently, not only pangasius skin, but also fish by-products such as stomach, fish maw, fat, shredded meat, gelatin, and so have become one of the materials for sustainable development direction for the pangasius industry

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