Did you know: Is eating dried anchovies good for our health?

Bởi Meksea Team - February 11, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – Dried anchovy is a familiar ingredient in Vietnamese family meals. Moreover, it’s is prepared as junk food on chilly days, chatting with loved ones. But, whether you know that eat dried anchovies good for our health, or not. Now, let’s find down with us.


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Heart health

Anchovies have many vitamins and minerals that provide major health benefits. One of them is omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids may help improve blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, and triglyceride levels, as well as blood vessel function and blood flow to the heart to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Tissue and Cell Repair


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Anchovies boast a pretty good amount of protein and they have long been known to benefit the functioning and efficiency of cell metabolism and connective tissue repair and regrowth.

Moreover, if you include anchovies into your diet, it can be a major boost to your body’s ability to heal itself.


Skin health

Anchovies are known as a wonderful source for essential fatty acids, like omega-3 fatty acid (good cholesterol), vitamin E and minerals like selenium. These nutrients have been shown to encourage healthy skin.

Therefore, including anchovies in your diest can help you maintain a smooth complexion, prevent breakouts, and even decrease the chances of developing wrinkles related to premature aging.


Bone health



Calcium and vitamin-A found in anchovies certainly affect bone growth, thus, these tiny fish are quite beneficial in fighting bone degradation.

Besides, calcium from anchovies is also integral in the protection of teeth from weakening, keeping them strong and healthy well into old age.


Eye health

Not only red fruit, but anchovies are also rich in vitamin-A, which has been studied intensively as it relates to eye health.

Vitamin A from anchovies can help you reduce the appearance of eye degradation and macular degeneration, as well as cataracts, so consume some anchovies and protect your eyes.


Anti-inflammatory effects



As mentioned before, anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fatty acids help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream.

Besides having anti-inflammatory effects, anchovies are also high in selenium which helps improve cardiovascular health.


Improves digestive health

Moreover, anchovies are high in potassium needed for proper muscular and digestive function, as well as skeletal muscular contraction.


Similar to fresh anchovy, dried anchovy products are rich in nutrition good for your health. Moreover, dried anchovy products are easy to store and preserve.

Have you ever enjoyed these tiny fish?



Is eating dried anchovies good for our healthDo you have any business plans for this product?

Nowadays, dried anchovies are popular in many countries such as China, Hongkong Korea, etc, thanks to their convenience in preparing dishes, easy preservation but still ensuring the nutritional value.

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