Did you know: Important things before eating shrimp

Bởi Meksea Team - May 31, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – With many years of experience in the shrimp industry, Meksea has concluded 3 important notices before eating shrimp/prawns for you and your customers, that can potentially save your lives and your pockets as below.


For patients of asthma, chronic diarrhea, and skin allergy… it is estimated that, 20% of the causes could be from shrimp consumption. Therefore, we must pay close attention to some details before having our favorite shrimp meals.


Important things before eating Shrimpprawns


Avoid shrimp heads

Shrimp head is the where toxins, bacterias, and parasitic creatures reside. It is not recommended for regular consumption.

Besides, we should eat shrimp moderately, not too much at once, since shrimps are very rich in protein. Which can easily lead to allergic signs for certain consumers, such as: visible hives, or pores. Shrimps also contain a high doses of purin, which is extremely advised AGAINST gout patients.


Avoid dead shrimps

Histidine, found abundantly in shrimps, plays an important role to Shrimp’s tastiness. But, when the shrimp is decomposing, histidine is transformed by harmful bacterias into histamine, which is bad for consumer’s heath.

Also, in the stomach and intestine of shrimps, we usually find bad bacterias, and toxins. Especially, when the shrimp is left dead unprocessed for a long time, toxins would accumulate quickly, and would certainly cause food poisoning.


Important things before eating Shrimpprawns


Avoid uncooked shrimps

It was a common misbelief that shrimps tasted best when they were uncooked, and it was easier for people to fully obtain ALL the nutritional values of the shrimps. That’s horribly wrong. Uncooked shrimps will only give consumers certain things such as flukes, parasites, these can even end up in your brain.

A good tip to test the quality of shrimp: if a cooked shrimped smelled too fishy; meat lost the firm texture and bounciness; the color was much darker (in orange); and you could feel a slimy texture between the shell and the shrimp; your shimps had been compromised, they were of inferior quality and possibly unsafe for human consumption.


Important things before eating Shrimpprawns (3)


All the images shown above are of out latest COOKED HOSO Vannamei shrimp at Premium quality shipped to the SEA region. Our shrimps are farmed in certificated standards, and sustainable conditions. They are processed only within 1-2 hours after harvest. The images are taken by our in-house QC team, an added layer of protection besides the factory and government institutions. All products that do not meet Mekong’s high commitment to quality would be discarded immediately.


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Translated by Kenny (Meksea Business Team)

(Reference: Tep Bac)

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