Books and Meksea-ers: 7 Habits of Successful Young People by Sean Covey

Bởi Meksea Team - April 15, 2021

“Books and Meksea-ers” is a series of extracurricular activities of Mekong Seafood Connection (Meksea), which is responded by a large number of Meksea-ers and received many positive feedbacks. The offline session on April, 2021 was a typical example for this.

The tittle of the book “7 Habits of Successful Young People by Sean Covey” is chosen as the discussion topic by the company’s board of director – a masterpiece of Sean Covey – Director of Franklin Covey Education. The book contents 7 habits that young people should have to control themselves and live towards a happy and successful life. All young Meksea-ers were eager to share their thoughts from the book and small stories containing deep meaningful lessons.


Let’s hear what Meksea staff’s share after this session:


Every single day, we need to constantly learning in order to keep our mind exercising and brainstorming.

 Ms. Linda – Sales Admin Department.


When you start to do something, you should aim your final destination and then find for the shortest way to obtain your goal.

Ms. Thao – Import-Export Department.


If you want to work effectively and do not waste your time, you should practice to be meticulous in every detail even it’s the smallest thing.

Ms. Chloe – International Sales Department.



If you want others do something for you, you should do it for them first, and then you will get back the value that you brought to them.

Mr. Jonh – International Sales Department.


The offline also had the participation of Ms. Huyen (the collaborator of First New Publisher). Here, Ms. Huyen had some interesting sharing about the books that she likes and lots of experiences to help young people reading books effectively without getting bored.

During the offline meeting, “Books and Meksea-ers” received numerous good signals, the participants got more positive motivation and strong inspiration from reading “7 Habits of Successful Young People by Sean Covey” and listening to enjoyable sharing from others. Everybody is extremely excited and looking forward to the next message from the Board of Director through the book gifted in the second quarter.


   “Books and Meksea-ers” is one of series of extracurricular activities of Meksea, launched from the first quarter of 2021, this activity is organized to bring a useful, connecting and interactive playground to young Meksea-er, thereby bring into play the cultural values and create motivation for young people to develop themselves, also promote passion and dedication for work. This activity is held every 3 months, the title of book will be chosen enthusiastically by the Board of Director and given to all members of Meksea family at the beginning of each quarter.



By Ming / Sandy / Percy / Luna (Meksea Team).



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