3 sparkling boats at Meksea’s booth attracted the attention of hundreds of Vietfish visitors

Bởi Meksea Team - September 5, 2022

MEKSEA.COM – Highly evaluated as the most outstanding booth at Vietfish 2022, visitors were attracted by 3 sparkling boats in the center of the booth ceiling with 3 phases PROFESSIONAL – CONSCIENTIOUS – SHARING. There are also messages that Meksea wants to emphasize and show at Vietfish 2022, both the motto and working spirit of Meksea’s staff.


Vietfish 2022


Conscientious – leading working motto of Meksea-ers

We are always putting ourselves in customers’ shoes to understand. Therefore, Meksea works hard to bring high-quality products, good services, sustainable supply, and cost-optimized purchasing solutions to customers to make their minds rest on each seafood container distributed under the brand name Meksea.

Meksea always observes customers’ market demands as well as fluctuations in seasons, volume, and prices. So we can offer the best options and solutions to your problems on logistics,  freight rates, delivery time, etc.

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Professional – international customers appreciate Meksea’s outstanding working style

With a young and dynamic staff, fluent in many languages, Meksea can keep in touch with you 24/7 to update the latest information about seafood materials and market situations in Vietnam and the process of your seafood orders at Meksea.

Moreover, with close relationships between departments (Sales Team, Customer Service Team, Quality Control Team, Back-up Team, Logistics Team, etc), we can assist you in handling and controlling your orders to meet your requirements.




Besides, we are also tightly connected with reputable domestic and foreign shipping and logistics companies, so we can assist you in handling your seafood containers proactively and smoothly.

In the factory, our qualified Quality Control team who have experience and deep knowledge of seafood quality. We can assist you in strictly tracking and controlling the entire production process from input materials to finished products and delivery so that no order is interrupted in the way reaching consumers.


Sharing – the core culture of Meksea Connection

Internally, we are cohesive, we are bound and share. Through periodic workshops on professionalism and skill development regularly organized, we have chances to discuss and share with experienced leaders, that not only improves our colleague relationships but also improves our skills and knowledge.

We also link from farming area to factory to customer network to share and ensure responsible to farmers and partners.

Furthermore, Meksea also actively connects with the customer network to share issues and problems that you are paying attention such as the situation of raw materials and prices in the Vietnamese market. That makes your material plans in Vietnam and your sales plans more favorable.




Many visitors expressed interest and impression of the Meksea booth

I am very interested in Meksea booth design this year, especially the high-hanging stylized boats that are both beautiful and feel like we are participating in a fishing tripMr. Nanavati – a visitor from Australia expressed.


3 sparkling boats at Meksea’s booth attracted the attention of hundreds of Vietfish visitors


With an impressive and modern open space, Meksea’s booth makes customers comfortable and friendly. Visitors not only had the chance to touch/taste and test eye-catching actual samples of high-quality Vietnam seafood products such as pangasius, shrimp, cephalopods (squid, octopus,..), tuna, marine fish, and Vietnam special seafood but also had great conversations to for the newest updates about seafood trend, seafood material situation, seafood price trend, latest General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which will give Meksea’s customers more incredible benefits & advantages to purchasing from Vietnam.

I have joined Vietfish 4 times in a row, but every year I am attracted to Meksea’s booth because of your fresh, such an impressive and attractive booth at Vietfish – Mr. Lourdes from Belgium.


What did the owner of the Meksea booth design express?

Meksea at Vietfish 2022 - Platinum 1

Mr. Ngo Van Minh – Meksea Project Director

According to Mr. Ngo Van Minh, who planned an idea for Meksea booth shared this year, Meksea tries to bring the most enjoyable experience to visitors. Meksea’s booth is not only a place to negotiate and transact, but also is a part of Vietnam Home of Seafood, friendly and open. Through these designs and demonstrations, Meksea hopes to bring you business ideas and inspirations from diverse and quality product lines from Vietnam.

The image of 3 sparkling boats in the middle of the Vietfish event represents the spirit and aspirations of the dedicated, professional and connected Meksea-ers. We are ready to sail across the great seas, bringing the best values ​​to global customers and partners.

For colleagues in Meksea family, we are a cohesive team – for global customers and partners, we are reliable companions – Mr. Minh said.


See you at Meksea’s booth in Vietfish 2023

Through Vietfish 2022, Meksea wants to bring our highest-quality products and good values to customers to meet your market seafood needs, and specialty share your difficulties in the situation of inflationary pressure.

With a passionate heart and insight powers, Meksea hopes to become a reliable cooperative partner as well as your seafood solution under any circumstance.

Once again, Meksea would like to thank you so much for your time at our booth Platinum 1 at Vietfish 2022.

See you at Meksea’s booth in Vietfish 2023.





By Meksea Team

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